Best Songs of 2019

25. Charli XCX: “White Mercedes”

In love, the blame for everything that happened is one of the worst feelings, “White Mercedes” presents this. When playing a fast car, Charli talks about not deserving love for simply not feeling enough for it. With the help of metaphors that always grow in the future, speed and technology, as well as her sound, Charli manages to convey all of her feelings with a certain clarity while playing a basic instrumental near the rest of her new album, Charli. Amid so much robot, futuristic sounds and swift visions, “White Mercedes” can demonstrate the best of human beings: the feelings. 

24. Ariana Grande: “bad idea”

On this track, Ariana Grande was able to mix the electronic world with the analogical world. While at first, the strings sound simple clapping, in the first chorus, both find beats that despite sounding generic end up being disguised by the high voices. Following the end of Ariana’s speech about the wrong choices she made for love, pop rap music becomes a monstrous symphony of vibrations, vocals and organs. After the role of The Phantom of the Opera, “bad idea” mixes the classical instrumental with the generic beats, resulting in something quite nice. In a way, the music is in the head, and despite having some generic elements, it ends up being different.

23. Taylor Swift: “The Man”

In Lover, Taylor shows love for all forms of love, and in “The Man”, love is shared with women. With a synthpop song composed of synthesizers and electronic beats, Taylor complains about how the music industry treats women in general: indifference, questioning, doubt and contempt. Although not a great political song, “The Man” bets on metaphors and external references to achieve its critical goal. For sure, if Taylor invests in “The Man,” the music’s message will reach the ears of the world.

22. Bruce Springsteen: “Western Stars”

One of Bruce Springsteen’s most striking characteristics is the voice he gives to the humiliated. In “Western Stars”, the titled track of the album Western Stars, is one of the best songs of his new project. Complaining about life, Bruce questions about leaving the things he loved most in life for fame, career and success. As with the whole album, the sound of this track is very characteristic. While on Tucson Train we can see a train coming, on Western Stars we can see Bruce sitting on his porch watching the dust-filled street. A sound composed of acoustic guitars and synthesizer charms, Springsteen rounds off the sound with its aged but still strong and sharing voice. As much as it is not accessible to everyone, the feeling of Western Starts is beautiful and should be felt by everyone.

21. Carly Rae Jepsen: “Julien”

The fourth studio album by Carly Rae Jepsen, Dedicated, may not have been as excellent as EMOTION (2015), however, the songs in this brilliant new book about love are mostly great. “Julien”, the first track of Dedicated, is a synthpop song that praises the time you spend with your beloved. From indecisive sounding instruments to the stars when arriving at “Julien”, Carly knew how to create a hot, passionate, dancing and inspiriting song. Having a conversation with a higher, divine understanding, Carly reveals she’s crazy about her lover and how she wants him around all the time. “Julien” is a light song about love, but carries a dancing and good meaning.

20. Angel Olsen: “Lark”

The first track of the new album by Angel Olsen is incredible. “Lark” is a look back to try to understand how, why and what has changed in recent times. With extremely heavy instruments, and a voice that sounds as soft, sober and clear as possible, Angel faces the story of her past, but it turns out not to be so easy and this is clear in: the lyrics; in the instruments, which is composed of drums, strings and synthesizers and featuring incredible complexity and construction along the track; and in Olsen’s voice, as well as the instrumental, changes and acts as best as possible in each part of the lyrics. After the rite of passage in “dream on”, the end of the track features a frantic sound fantasy that, besides being very well produced, ends up representing the best of the album.

19. Billie Eilish: “bad guy”

Probably the biggest hit of the year, Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” is more than a TOP 1 Hit. With his heavy beats consisting of synthesizers that imitate drums, drums and guitars, Billie has managed to please today’s youth for one simple reason: representativeness. Billie fans constantly express their devotion to the 17-year-old singer thanks to the representativeness she gives them: in a simple way, Billie embodies all the problems that afflict the daily adolescence and with that, can give voice to those who are often silent. However, music fanaticism also occurs through word games, and especially sounds, such as: the expression “duh”; the “bad guy” whisper at the end and snap their fingers. Finally, “bad guy” is hit because it’s so much more than chewing gum for most people.

18. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: “Ghosteen”

The track that names Ghosteen is spiritual and timeless. Although the word does not exist, Ghosteen is the agglutination of Ghost with Teen, referring to the death of Nick Cave’s son, who is in fact the main theme of the album. “Ghosteen” is something out of this world for sure. The instrumental introduction to the track is a beautiful orchestra that seems to play futuristic instruments or even instruments that are beyond our universe, while the singer Nick Cave’s voice sounds like a divinity leading us to a mysterious place between life and death. The fable told is about your son’s departure. The climax in the music, the choruses, everything is raised to the maximum: the feelings, the vocals, the instruments. Everything seems to take you to a higher level of spirituality. Just like “Hollywood”, “Ghosteen” is a sound monster that can’t just be paused, both songs act like drugs in your body, making you feel the need to hear them even though they are over 10 minutes long. Despite the exacerbated climax, the end of the song is calm, as is the acceptance of the death that came in some way,.

17. Carly Rae Jepsen: “Party for One”

To finish Dedicated, Carly shows, after all her journey for love, that the best love is love itself. “Party for One” begins a synthesizer playing high and sober notes, which over time are accompanied by other instruments, thus creating a great progression. In the first chapter, “Tried to let it go and say: I’m over you”, Jepsen demonstrates the initial uncertainty about the breakup; “If you don’t care about me / I’ll just dance for myself” is the climax of achievement; and at the end, all sounds, voices and feelings become commonplace and fight for self-love: “Back on my beat”.

16. Weyes Blood: “Everyday”

Although not the best song on Titanic Rising, it’s my favorite. Although not so deep in this track, Weyes surrenders to love after several bullshit in the past. With the startling and terrifying beginning of a very dark piano, the song becomes something dancing during the verses, and in the choruses, the mixing of something dark with something playful. As with all Titanic Rising tracks on “Everyday”, the vocal delivery is amazing, both for the struck and held notes, the way Blood plays with his voice in his favor. At the end, just like feelings, instrumental complexity brings together all the elements of music together into something complex and confusing, but actually sounds great, which are followed by a mass deconstruction of them. In short, “Everyday” not only stands out because of the instrumental complex, but also for the voices and lyrics that together sound so contrasted.

15. Lana Del Rey: “Venice Bitch”

Even at 9 minutes long, Venice Bitch is insanely fascinating. From the early-sounding acoustic guitars to the maelstrom of synths, the track features happy, sad, exciting, and brooching moments represented by vocal, instrumental, or lyrics. The progression of “Venice Bitch” is also amazing as the track gets more and more complex over time from a simple guitar to 70s video game noises e oriental cymbals. But even more amazing is how the lyrics describe Lana and her lover and how their romance fades over time, as well as the instrumental that starts with something simpler and ends in a storm.

14. Weyes Blood: “Andromeda”

Early on, “Andromeda” reveals its inspiration: Andromeda’s Galaxy. In this brief curious story inhabited in a galaxy, Weyes shows confusion not only about life, but also about love, about herself and others. After the TV turns on at the beginning of the song and the confusing transition, the sound stabilizes on a calm guitar and a matte drum and the main show that takes place on TV is the testimony of Weyes, where the singer demonstrates incredible vocal power. From the guitars, to the interference of radios and the unknown, intriguing and beautiful sounds, Blood was able to enter a beautiful and representative song for many. This song, by far, one of the most creative of the year, because it can sound old and futuristic at the same time, known and unknown at the same time, but surely beautiful at all times.

13. Angel Olsen: “All Mirrors”

While “Lark” demonstrates a certain teaching for Olsen in “All Mirrors”, Angel finds herself trapped in a room full of mirrors that reflect her past, reminding her of everything that happens, keeping her trapped in currents of the past. The music instrument sounds terribly cruel all the time, and most amazingly, during the bridge, the savior-sounding dishes that will bring light into the mirror room actually get lost and mingle in sadness. Also, Angel’s performance on the track is amazing, deep and beautiful. All Mirrors is my favorite All Mirrors track simply because it has an amazing and remarkable sound, a great progression and great performance of the singer. All of these elements together form an amazing set called “All Mirrors”.

12. Ariana Grande: “Ghostin”

Although not the biggest hit of thank u, next, “ghostin” is an amazing song. It’s an amazing song, with amazing composition, progression and atmosphere, “ghostin” portrays the guilt that Ariana feels for not getting enough for the guy who likes her so much because she is thinking about other one. Composed of an orchestra, this track looks magical, coming straight from a Disney tale: the instruments that sound beautiful, angelic and sweet; Ariana’s voice that can transmit even the inner cry sensibly; the background vocals that help in songwriting. On the bridge of the music, the spirits of the voices dance in a beautiful hall, reaching the mood of sadness. In short, the complex instruments, the echoing voices and the fanciful lyrics are great and make up this amazing song.

11. Ariana Grande: “7 rings”

Being one of the biggest hits of 2019, “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande is not only a hit song, but also a song that represents an inner desire. “I see it / I like it / I want it / I got it” talks about the desire for ostentation that many women have. The kind of testimony that drops the domestic environment and takes you to yachts, private jets and fast cars, has long been singing only by and for men, but with “7 rings” Ariana gives women a voice and shows that they may also want to throw crystal glasses on the floor, reach the card limit, buy and drive cars that have passed the speed limit. Of course, “7 rings” is far from a political song, but having a hidden message that has reached the ears of the world is a big step.

10. Bruce Springsteen: “Tucson Train”

In “Tucson Train” Bruce Springsteen takes up his genius in building sound structures that complement the progression of music. With small complaints and yearnings for peace in each verse, with closure of the much-anticipated arrival of the train from Tucson, Springsteen reaches orchestral perfection by blending American theme with complex instruments and lyrics that desire nothing more than peace. In addition of that, the third song of Western Stars (2019) has a great visual. Leaving aside the simple clip, Bruce released for this track, listening to it, you can easily imagine a great production where a train arrives at a station in the middle of the desert to the sound of that beautiful sound.

09. Lana Del Rey: “Doin’ Tim”

On Norman Fucking Rockwell! Lana Del Rey takes us into the warmth of California’s summer, and in “Doin’ Time”, a reinterpretation of the song with the same name by Sublime, the sun burns the reality. The soft, soothing sound that takes us to the water’s edge, and Lana’s calm voice that makes you relax on the beach sand lead us into a perfect setting where Tumblr effects are applied to our eyes for greater immersion. From the clap to the harp chords, the sound that sounds pop, indie and reggae at the same time dances perfectly with the lyrics, where the singer responds a broken relationship with parties, dance and enjoyment in midsummer and heat. “So, what am I gonna be doin’ for a while? /
Said, I’m gonna play with myself” hints at twofold sense, while Lana’s voice proves to be tired of summer and ready for anything thanks to great vocal performance.

08. Taylor Swift: “The Archer”

Being released as Lover‘s third single, “The Archer” is much more than an experimental pop song. Worked by Taylor and Jack Antonoff, “The Archer” demonstrates love in one of its worst forms: pain, sadness and hopelessness. Since the muffled beats to the echoing voices that resonate inside our heads, “The Archer” managed to reach a new level of writing and sound, but also of performance, as Taylor’s faithful representation is exciting. A synth-pop and dream-pop ballad full of synthesizers and vibrations that blend into a transcendental form, “The Archer” will make you cry.

07. Vampire Weekend: “Harmony Hall”

Like Father of the Bride, Harmony Hall bets on something lighter. With a sound composed of simple pianos, bong beats, guitars and cymbals, Ezra’s voice sounds clear and crystal clear. The style that represents a conversation wheel in a sunny field has as its spiritual theme and perspective evolution. “I don’t wanna live like this / But I don’t wanna die” shows the restlessness of the band about all kinds of relationships. But, like Vampire Weekend’s early work, “Harmony Hall” also has a second meaning: the rifts between the groups of American universities that always result in serious consequences. Despite the thematic, as said, the music ends up being very light, both by the “uhhh uhhh uhhh” that represent the harmonies, as well as the instrumental itself.

06. Charli XCX: “Next Level Charli”

Even though “Next Level Charli” doesn’t have the production of “Click” or the extreme veracity of “White Mercedes”, the first song on Charli XCX’s new album is incredible. The beats that remain constant throughout the song, as well as the rhythm and tone of Charli’s voice create a sense of apprehension, suffocation and adrenaline will faithfully represent the lyrics that tell Charli’s fearless story. With “I go hard, I go fast” saddle her fate into something revolutionary.

005. FKA twigs: “daybed”

Of all Magdalene, “daybed” is the most immersive track. With a beginning that sounds like the Northern Lights, the ghosts from beyond resound deep inside FKA’s head as she details and polishes the worst moments of her little hell: depression. Also, it’s Magdalene’s most visual track: transcendental instruments take us from the domestic environment in which FKA spends most of his days to an unknown environment where the beyond is friendly. Like the other tracks on this album, “daybed” conveys the sadness of the lyrics in a unique way, so unique that it comes to a point where you feel all the sadness, agony and despair that FKA is going through. The sound, which as mentioned, can represent unique environments thanks to the combination of synthesizers, frosted drums, mysterious strings and wind instruments that are played by beings from beyond. The lyrics, in turn, are a beautiful and true poetry full of metaphors, paradoxes and intimate testimonies. All this complexity is really representing what it’s like to be going through a moment like this, where you see yourself unknown.

04. Taylor Swift: “Cruel Summer”

In “Cruel Summer” Taylor demonstrates the versatility of herself and her album with a song that mixes power, insecurity and desire. The electronic beats mixed with the robotic voices that affirm a conscious desire create relaxing and dancing verses. The chorus, like a summer lemonade, hits the climax of the song with its pronunciation and word game. In the end, the desperate scream as she realizes she’s drowning in love. Passion, carnal desire, fear, lies, truth and the summer heat, all for love, is the main theme of this perfect song for next summer.

— For sure, one of Taylor Swift’s best and most different songs

03. Lana Del Rey: “The Greatest”

“The greatest” became my favorite song from Lana’s Norman Fucking Rockwell!. “The greatest” is realistic poetry. With guitar in the beginning, which later changes to a piano drowned out by Lana’s morbid voice, the singer criticizes the world today and how she is deteriorating to the point where the best is over. Forgetfulness, perdition, sadness and finally forced acceptance make up the great “The Greatest”. Old-school-like instruments and vocals, that later gain a charm with the help of synthesizers, dance with Lana’s voice. At the end, the soft piano keeps playing as much as you can to keep the best alive as long as possible.

— ”The Greatest” will become a classic

02. FKA twigs: “sad day”

“sad day” is the third track of Magdalene, the second studio album by FKA twigs. “sad day” has complex instrumental as the feeling: it retreats from the mildest moments with spiritual vibrations and the worst moments with the deep, violent cries that share the confusion, agony and sadness of FKA. Twigs’s voice can be controlled by remembering the sadness in its initial form, but by deepening the memories, her voice reaches the climax (chorus) and can convey all the heavy feelings in his heart. In the lyrics, which is faithfully represented by the sound, the singer wonders about the situation of her relationship and tries to see hope where there is no. For sure, one of the deepest, saddest, most sentimental songs of the decade.

01. Taylor Swift: “Lover”

The first thing that comes to my mind when I listen to “Lover” by Taylor Swift is timelessness. “Lover”, the song that gives title to the seventh album by the American singer who transitioned from his country adolescence to the to the top of the pop world, is a beautiful ballad, carefully constructed from the lyrics, that will sound in wedding halls for decades, to the string pulls of the guitars that create a romantic and delicious atmosphere. The drums, pianos and guitars work with the lyric (which is a referential poetry) to build this amazing, fun and passionate sound. Angelic, serene and sensible vocals demonstrate the sincere love of the lyrics with softness, true passion and faith. You will fall in love with “Lover”.

—In “Lover”, Taylor celebrates love in a way never seen before

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