Taylor Swift – Lover


Taylor Swift

2019 – Pop, Synthpop


With “Lover”, Taylor Swift consecrate as the one of best pop singers of all time. 

With her first three albums: Taylor Swift, Fearless and Speak Now, Taylor shows to us how great she is as a song writer, and with Red, Taylor prove that she can make a perfection transition between to genres of music. After the release of 1989, Taylor taste the top of the world, with all the great stuff, and also, all the awful things that a super pop star can testify. All the bad things that happened in her career, all the way lead Taylor to made reputation, her six-studio album. In reputation, Taylor abandoned all the sonority of all her previously albums and wager in something new. Reputation, with all the dark beats and electronic instrumental, show to the world, once again, that Taylor can singer in what genre she wants to. Even though the success of her six-studio album, reputation became Taylor’s worst work, according the criticize and some fans. Now, in 2019, Lover, her seventh studio album came out, what Taylor prepared to us?

After some Easter egg games and hide and seek games, Taylor Swift drops the lead single of Lover in April 26th. Besides been a totally different period of time that Taylor usually released something, Lover beat a YouTube record with more than 65 million view in 24 hours. Even with all the success Me!, a collaboration with the vocalist of Panic! At the Disco, Brendo Urie, don’t pleased the criticize and the fans. After being ridiculed for some people because of the bridge of Me! “Hey Kids, spelling is fun”, Taylor released “You Need To Calm Down”, a politic song that are a message all the haters around the world. So far, “You Need To Calm Down” pleased everybody more than “Me!”. Before the album release, Taylor drop two promo singles: “The Archer” that says about being insecure with falling in love, and “Lover”, the tittle of the album and also, one of her best’s songs

Stay clear that with “Lover” Taylor was taking the risk, because, in a time where the dark and heavy beats were the key for the success, she came with a lighter and brighter sound. Taylor doesn’t only risk in a new sound, she risked in a new atmosphere. At the “Lover” cover, Taylor show with her calm face that she is in a new vibe, a better one better saying, and the colored clouds behind her show that not just she changed, but all the world.

First of all, the lyrical content is incredible. All the songs have a deep meaning behind their lines, even the ones who a little bit basic. Lover’s lyrics, as the sonority, show a new phase that Taylor is passing by.  Since her most sad songs to the happy ones, Taylor show her best side, being a real songwriter, that think carefully every single word of her lyrics and how it gonna work with vocal, instrumental and atmosphere. In first track of his seventh studio album, “I Forgot That You Existed”, Taylor close all the bad side of her past for the last time, showing to everybody how great she is and how she just doesn’t care about the one who still trying to mess with her. She sings, “And it was so nice/So peaceful and quiet.”

Still talking about the lyrics, Taylor, as the one of the best of her time, shows how deep her songs can be, and how she hides stuffs perfectly. In “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”, that for some people is just another love song, is so much more than that. In fact, have some political references here. Taylor critics that american pattern, how the music industry act with her and how the good side are losing in politics, but she still got her partner. She also talks how scare she is ’bout the destiny of the world. After some many years that Taylor was scare about put your political opinions to everybody listen to, Taylor came stronger than ever, and in “The Man”, she asks If she was a man, everything wouldn’t be easier? Probably yes. Taylor has been the target of many people that call her “slut” or “dramatic” only because she dated some guys and then write songs about them. But the question in here, nobody says nothing about Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, who already did that. So, with “The Man”, Taylor is standing up, saying that is wrong and that she won’t put up with it anymore. Taylor also send a message to all the haters off the world, in “You Need To Calm Down.” She sings, “And we see you over there on the internet/Comparing all the girls who are killing it/But we figured you out/We all know now we all got crowns/You need to calm down.”

In “Soon You Get Better,” one of the most unique moments on the album, Taylor almost cry while sings about her mom’s healthy. In this track, Taylor talk about she is scared and sad, and also shows that love came from the family, in fact, this isn’t the first time Taylor talks about her relation with her mom. “The Best Day,” from Fearless, Taylor talks about how her mom’s is the best part of her day. Both songs are unbelievable beautiful but here sadness has a bigger strength

And of course, since the album’s name is Lover, Taylor show her new vision about love. She sings about every type of love, since the happiest to the saddest, and in every one of them, the lyrics doesn’t disappoint. “Lover”, the third track is a beautiful song, about the good side of love and how magical this feeling is. But, following up to “The Archer”, Taylor talk about the insecurities that you have when you are in a relationship and how you always ask to yourself If this one will last, cause you think about all your past and realize that maybe you are not the good to her/him. In “Cornelia Street”, Taylor with all emotion, she talks about how scare is everything just fall apart. But Taylor also introduced to us her new dance songs. Me! and Paper Rings are tracks that you can listen when you’re down, cause these one will make you fell relax and happy. Although these tracks have a lyric a little bit weak, still great and beautiful. 

Talking about instrumental and production, I don’t have word to explain how great these aspects are. Taylor mix her lyrics to the true pop that we saw in 1989 (2014) and made an excellent work. Taylor use since the analogical instruments like guitar and keyboard to make a beautiful ballad in “Lover” and use synthesizers to create a deep immersive experience and atmosphere in “The Archer”. Taylor also uses that power of simplicity at her favor, for example, in “Cornelia Street”, a complexity lyric, she uses snaps and vocal to improve that background of her voice. As said before, Taylor is in a new vibe, and we can see it in her instrumentals too. In songs like “Me!”, “You Need To Calm Down” and “Paper Rings”, we can feel a lighter vibe. 

You also can feel the roots of Taylor in some songs. Taylor uses guitar to play a country beat, even If is just in the background of the others instrumental, you can hear the young Taylor saying “Hello” again. But also, we can feel that Taylor is tuned, because we can hear also electronic beats and remixed voices, that as the country beat, gave a charm to the songs. Taylor even try something in jazz with “False God”, that in fact, was a great shot. 

Thinking about the vocals, the first thing that came to my head is Taylor’s scream in “Cruel Summer” and the laughs that are in many songs throughout the album. As the production and lyrics, the vocals are great too. You can hear to the more basic and to the more elaborated, to the more angelical and to the more demonic. 

To close her album, Taylor talks about how she gets out of her nightmares and storms that was made by haters and says:

“I only see daylight, daylight, daylight, daylight

You gotta step into the daylight and let it go

Just let it go

Let it go”

“I wanna be defined by the things that I love

Not the things I hate

Not the things I’m afraid of, I’m afraid of

The things that haunt me in the middle of the night, I

I just think that you are what you love.”

“Lover”, the seventh studio album by Taylor Swift is another a testimony about how Taylor is growing, not just as a person, but also, how an artist and her lyrics, sonority and songs are following her. From the screaming to the laughs, Taylor released an incredible work to the world. As many times said, this album has an incredible production. The instrumental and vocals create an atmosphere that make you fall in a new universe where you can see the blue, pink and yellow from the album cover. The lyrics are so deep, talks about all the kinds of love and the good and bad side of it, but also, how love is on the top of everything else. The only problem in this album is that it is too long, maybe if Taylor had no put “Me!”. “You Need To Calm Down”, “It’s Nice To Have a Friend”, Lover could become her best album by now. Even with these songs, “Lover” is cohesive in her instrumental and message.

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