Charli XCX – Charli


Charli XCX

2019 – Electropop, Bubblegum Bass


With “Charli”, Charli XCX prove her vision to the future of the music

After 2014, with the release of Sucker, Charli XCX only released EP and Mixtapes where she was exploring new ways to make music. With the time, Charli fall in love with futuristic, electronic e exaggerated beats that sometimes sounds exaggerated, but with hits and misses, Charli, increasingly, was founding herself in the music industry and genres. In 2019, After “Number 1 Angel” (2017) and “Pop 2” (2017), the British singer shows her vision of the future of the music.

In “Charli”, Charli XCX, in the first tracks of the brand-new album, she talks about how toxic the people how are being with her and her work. How the people and their attitudes, made she a totally different person. She also discourses about how is her vision to the future of the music industry, and how isn’t a bad thing make a different sound, actually, she kind encourages the people search for their own sound. In “1999”, with Troye Sivan, she talks about how badly she wants to go back when everything was simpler, because now, she drowns almost all the time. While, in the last track of the album, “2099”, also a collaboration with Troye Sivan, she talks about how she can’t wait for the future, because she has a great vision for that.

In this album, Charli used a lot of autotune to help her to show her feelings. With the electronic vibe in the background that with all the distortion, she used electronic voices to show all her feelings, since love until angry. In fact, this factor brought more charm and singularity to the album. But also, Charli has a beautiful voice and with that she proves to everybody that she doesn’t need the autotune to sing well. She made some beautiful vocals and when she reached highs and lows that as the robotic voice made, she could show her feelings, but with more truly.

The one of the things that we think when we think about XCX, is the instrumental. With the experience that she got from the Eps and Mixtapes, Charli bet in something new. In this album, we have a lot of synthesizer, electronic and digital instruments, in fact, we don’t have any analogical instrument. The instrumental of Charli’s “Charli” have an incredible production, that, in almost all the cases, sounds electrifying and dancing. But, sometimes, the exaggerated and loud digital chords and beats sounds a horrible mess. In fact, this was the purpose of Charli, but doesn’t mean that are good, maybe, she is beyond our time.

Other things that bothered me is that are a lot of collaborations in this album. Of course, that are some that incredible, like “Blame It On Your Love” with Lizzo, but also, we have the opposite, like “Shake It” with Big Freedia, CupcakKe, Brooke Candy and Pabllo Vittar when we have a strange and messed sound and remix in their voices.

After all, Charli is great album. In the first listen, I found it strange and didn’t like it one bit, but with the time, I realize how great and ambitious this album is. Of course, that we can’t measure the importance of this album and how revolutionary it is now, but maybe in like 20 years, this album could easily become an important reference to the more contemporaries’ musicians.

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