Ariana Grande – thank u, next

thank u, next

Ariana Grande

2019 – Pop


Although released shortly after “sweetener”, “thank u, next” still outperforms the successor. Ariana Grande clearly knew what she wanted with this album from the beginning, and it resulted in one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, despite its minor flaws.

In august of 2018, Ariana Grande release “sweetener” that has the lead single “no tears left to cry” dropped in April. After almost three months of “sweetener”, Ariana announced that “thank u, next”, her brand-new single in November, with a music video that beat the YouTube’s record with more than 50 million views in 24 hours. After a month of the release of “thank u, next”, Grande release “imagine” the second single that would be followed by “7 rings”, the third single and the one of Ariana’s biggest hits. In February of 2019, “thank u, next”, the fifth studio album by Ariana Grande was released.

In “thank u, next”, Ariana Grande set aside the sweetener’s bittersweet that mix the sweet of love and the salt of the sexuality and sensuality. In this album, Ariana sings about the ups and downs of a relationship and how we need to know how great we are. The fifth album’s lyrics are precisely built, since the hard times of a relationship that you maybe think that are leading you to the end; to the best parts that goes from the baths of luxury to the cries in the bedroom.

As everything is not flowers, in my perspective, Ariana Grandes talks about the decline of a love story, that begins with when you can’t even believe and imagine how everything is great and starts to fall apart when you start to fake your smiles to not worry your partner. And we have also the part when you got free of the “monster” that was eating you, and you look back and got grateful for everything that happened because without all the bad and good things you wouldn’t be you today.

Ariana Grande made a good job in the production of this album. The instrumental, although be the expected for this album, is awesome. “thank u, next” mix the hard and dark beats with Ariana’s falsetto. We also have the beautiful orchestra that then converted to an electronic beat with a distorted voice and the speeches in the begin of the songs, Grande could get in to another level of production.

Even thinking that “thank u, next” couldn’t reach “Dangerous Woman” level, the fifth studio by the pop phenomenon is great. Ariana shows to everybody that she’s seeing everything with a mature way, even If this way is a little bit expected. How she built the structure of the album is a great and the production is exemplary.

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