Justin Bieber – Changes

Changes Justin Bieber 2020 - R&B / Pop Def Jam 2.8 Changes seems to be a set of: a bad 30-minute song and 6 other decent acoustic tracks It's almost undeniable that Justin Bieber has become one among thousands. In 2009, when he released his first work, My World, Bieber divided the world: some loved … Continue reading Justin Bieber – Changes

Justin Bieber: “Get Me (feat. Kehlani)”

"Get Me (feat. Kehlani)" Justin Bieber Pop / 2020 / Universal His previously release, “Yummy”, didn’t go well. The track was mocked by critics and haters, even fans found the track weak, and to improve it, a desperate and clueless promotion. For sure, "Yummy" was one of Justin Bieber's dumbest moves. The track was reduced … Continue reading Justin Bieber: “Get Me (feat. Kehlani)”