5 New Albums You Should Listen to This Week!

Olivia Rodrigo, photo by Stefan Kohli

Every Friday, at The Soundx we will pick some new releases, based on quality or importance, which ones you should listen to throughout the week. This week we have releases from black midi, Bachelor, DMX, Mustafa, and Moby.

black midi Cavalcade

Produced mostly by John “Spud” Murphy, black midi’s second record, Cavalcade, was recorded in the summer of 2020 and, unlike its predecessor, Schlagenheim, it was not improvised. “People seemed to really like the debut album but after a while, we all became pretty bored with it… So, it was like: this time let’s make something that is actually good,” Guitarist Geordie Greep told The Quietus. The album is out through Rough Trade Records.

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Bachelor Doomin’ Sun

Melina Duterte and Ellen Kempner’s new project Bachelor’s debut album is released through Polyvinyl. Doomin’ Sun was written and recorded over two weeks in Jan 2020. It features 10 new songs, including the singles, “Sick of Spiraling” and “Stay in the Car.”

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

DMX Exodus

Exodus is American rapper DMX’s eighth studio album and first posthumous one. Recorded in Snoop Dogg’s studio, in Los Angeles, the album is his first full-length since 2012’s Undisputed. Jay-Z, Nas, Alicia Keys, and Pop Smoke feature on the project. 

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Mustafa When Smoke Rises

Toronto singer Mustafa’s debut project, When Smoke Rises, is released through Regent Park. The album features, “Stay Alive” and “Air Forces.” Mustafa, formerly known as Mustafa The Poet, posted on Instagram that the album, “It’s the beginning of everything, and the end of many things.” 

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Moby Reprise

The 70-minutes long new record by American musician Moby, Reprise, is out through the German Deutsche Grammophon. The album features the appearance of Jim James and Mindy Jones. It’s his nineteenth record and has orchestral and acoustic arrangements of songs from his career. 

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

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