5 New Albums You Should Listen to This Week!

Weezer, photo by Brendan Walter

Every Friday, at The Soundx we will pick some new releases, based on quality or importance, which ones you should listen to throughout the week. This week we have releases from Weezer, Squid, Iceage, Sufjan Stevens, and Alfie Templeman.

Weezer Van Weezer

Previously scheduled May for 2020, Weezer’s fifteenth album, Van Weezer, was initially made for the band’s participation in the Hella Mega Tour alongside Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Due to the pandemic, the record and the tour were delayed. Van Weezer arrives now, almost a year later, after Ok Human! and through Crush Music and Atlantic Records.

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Squid Bright Green Field

Produced by Dan Carey, who had previously worked with Fontaines D.C., black midi, and Black Country, New Road, British band Squid’s debut album, Bright Green Field, is released through Warp. Recorded throughout 2020, the album features 11 eleven tracks and runs for 54 minutes. According to Ollie Judge in an interview with Exclaim!, with the record, “the emotional depth of the music has deepened.”

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Iceage Seek Shelter

With Nis Bysted and Sonic Boom in the production, the fifth full-length studio release for the Danish post-punk band, Seek Shelter, features 9 new songs and shows the band reaffirming their position.

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Sufjan Stevens Convocations

Convocations is the ninth album by Sufjan Stevens and is divided into five parts: Meditations, Lamentations, Revelations, Celebrations, and  Incantations. The record was written and produced entirely by Stevens, features 49 songs, and runs for 150 minutes.

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Alfie Templeman Forever Isn’t Long Enough

Defined by Templeman as a “mini-album,” Forever Isn’t Long Enough is an eight-track project that is being released before the indie star begins work on his debut album. The record features the song “One More Day,” with April. 

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

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