5 New Albums You Should Listen to This Week!

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Julien Baker, Madison Beer, Architects and Cloud Nothings released an album this week and you should definitely check it out!

Nick Cave & Warren EllisCARNAGE

Nick Cave teamed up with Warren Ellis for the first time to make a non-soundtrack album. According to Cave, the album is “brutal but very beautiful,” and according to Ellis, “Making CARNAGE was an accelerated process of intense creativity.” CARNAGE, which was recorded during quarantine, follows the latest releases from Cave, 2019’s Ghosteen and Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace, which brings together the performances Nick did last year with no audience.

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Julien BakerLittle Oblivions

Written and produced mostly by herself, Julien Baker’s third album features a change of sound, with more intimate piano and guitar arrangements enriched by elegant bass, drums, and keyboard. Little Oblivions also shows Baker reaching sharper levels of composition, showing her in a deep autobiographical project. 

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Madison BeerLife Support

Being promised for over two years, Life Support, the debut of American singer and songwriter Madison Beer, is finally released. She started her career in 2012, posting covers of Justin Bieber songs on YouTube. In 2013, her first single, “Melodies,” was released and in 2018, her first EP, As She Pleases. According to Beer, Life Support is, “my time to express honestly and truthfully how I’ve been feeling.” 

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

ArchitectsFor Those That Wish To Exist

For Those That Wish to Exist is the ninth studio album by British metalcore band Architects. Produced by Dan Searle and Josh Middleton, the album addresses issues such as humanity, the environment, and an uncertain future. Searle told NME, “This album was me looking at our inability to change to a way of life that would sustain the human race and save the planet.”

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

Cloud NothingsThe Shadow I Remember

One of the most intense and active groups in American underground music, Cloud Nothings releases its tenth studio album, The Shadow I Remember. Going against the tide they have been following since the beginning of their career of always presenting something new, the group returns to the studio of their first projects alongside producer Steve Albini to deliver a set of modern post-punk songs that are full of 1990s influences. 

Listen: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube

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