Troye Sivan – “Take Yourself Home”

“Take Yourself Home”

Troye Sivan

Pop / 2020 / Capitol

In 2018, Troye Sivan proved to the world that sensuality and sexuality has nothing to do with crude and explicit words with his album Bloom. While some rappers and trappers sang about penis and vaginas in a violent, poor and scrupulous way, creating an almost abusive relationship, Troye Sivan sang with delicacy, subtlety and elegance: “I bloom just for you / Come on, baby, play me like a love song / Every time it comes on / I get this sweet desire”. Sivan reached a perfect level of combination between doses of love, sex and sadness in an album that he built to be his perfect environment where he could explore himself in the most profound and true way.

With a maneuver that Sivan’s record label may not have liked, Troye leaked his own song: “Take Yourself Home”. In this range, Troye continued his self-analysis and self-discovery. On the track he asks himself: “Who do you really tryna be when you see your face?”. The track has a very interesting instrumental: at the beginning we have a sober guitar with vocals that seem to be mysterious birds and some occasional electronic remixed voices; in the end, we have this grand sound structure composed of opaque beats, screaming synthesizers and a chorus that seems to be far from our ears. At first, the song seems to have no progression, but when we reach its second finals and we come across a beat that seems to have come from an electronic ballad that leaves us surprised. The lyrics, despite having some forced rhymes, are very interesting filled with several lines that are well constructed representing Troye’s agony of living in something that he himself created. “Take Yourself Home” is not a track to dance around the house or celebrate your sensuality, it is a track to be admired.  

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