Lady Gaga – “Stupid Love”

“Stupid Love”

Lady Gaga

Pop / 2020 / INTERSCOPE

In the early days of her career, Lady Gaga was unforgettable. The most striking thing of her career, for sure, was her clips and singles. On her first album, The Fame, the lead was “Just Dance” which turned out to be an incredible debut for the artist. In 2009, The Fame Monster appeared with “Bad Romance”, a clip that would create an iconic dance, in addition to being Gaga’s most successful song. In “Born This Way”, she appeared as queen of a new universe where equality reigned. However, from that moment on Gaga’s lead singles began to be questionable: “Applause” by ARTPOP was not a great success like its predecessors and Gaga’s experience in Jazz only took her further away from the spotlight. However, her 2016 album, Joanne had the great hit “Million Reasons”, but her lead single, “Perfect Illusion” did not receive as much attention. In 2018, Lady Gaga participated in the film “A Star Is Born” which earned her the hit “Shallow” and the return of looks to her. Now in 2020, Lady Gaga announced her new single, “Stupid Love” from her new album which will be out in April.

“Stupid Love” is a promising turn to root pop for Lady Gaga. The track mixes remixed voices, electronic beats composed of synthesizers, drums and electronic keyboards and vocal games. In the lyric, Gaga asks for love: “‘Cause all I ever wanted was love”. However, the letter is not at all complex, it is formed by verses that seem easy to be memorized, the verses are not short and do not have striking phrases and the choruses are very simple. The lyrics end up being repetitive, sometimes even when it wasn’t necessary. In contrast to this, the track ends up being quite danceable the first time you hear it, but then you will be easily sick of the sound. In short, music is a moment of nostalgia for Gaga, but the music is not so remarkable. And just like the track, the video also ends up being very disappointing and weak: Lady Gaga and extras dancing in a desert of a possible alternative universe with colorful clothes. Literally, it looks like the clip was made at the last minute.

At the end, Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” is a great nostalgic pop song, a service for those who love root pop, but it is nothing remarkable and is even weak to be the first single on her new album.

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