Taylor Swift: “Only The Young”

“Only The Young”

Taylor Swift

Pop / 2020 / Republic

It has always been difficult for Taylor Swift to position herself politically. And the reasons are obvious. In her early career, Swift sang about boys who broke his heart, as in “White Horse” from Fearless, now, Taylor sings about boys who think they can rule her and how she suffers from being a woman in the music industry in “The Man” from Lover. It is inevitable to see Taylor’s evolution, from a little singer who scans fairy tales to a powerful pop star who is becoming more and more political.

Days ago, Swift released his documentary in partnership with Netflix. In it, Swift discusses important topics in his personal life and how his life went through moments of love and hate. Along with this documentary, “Only The Young”, his new song, was released. The song features a pop beat and a well-fused children’s choir on the track. On the track, Taylor speaks corruption: “The game was rigged, the ref got tricked / The wrong ones think they’re right” and massacres in schools: “You go to class, scared / Wondering where the best hiding spot would be” for to show that young people are the hope of society: “Only the young / Can run”.

Of course, the track is far from being one of the best political songs ever made, but it is a big evolution for Swift. The verses have firm and intelligent rhymes, besides being able to mix smartly a sound that stays in the head with an important lyric. Taylor has a promising future in this type of material, mixing well-constructed lyrics, sonority that everyone loves and a voice for drafts.

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