Justin Bieber: “Get Me (feat. Kehlani)”

“Get Me (feat. Kehlani)”

Justin Bieber

Pop / 2020 / Universal

His previously release, “Yummy”, didn’t go well. The track was mocked by critics and haters, even fans found the track weak, and to improve it, a desperate and clueless promotion. For sure, “Yummy” was one of Justin Bieber’s dumbest moves. The track was reduced to a weak and poor lyric, and its promotion made him be seen as a pedophile when posting pictures of babies with the caption: “Yummy”. However, neither of these facts nor the flop shook Bieber. With his ego raised and swallowing the flop of his Instagram post “if this post gets 20 million likes, Justin Bieber will release an album before Christmas”, Bieber announced information about his new album, “Changes”, and with that, his new song, “Get Me”, a collaboration with Kehlani.

The track is better than “Yummy”, but still not a good one. The instrumental composed of sober and opaque beats with remixed organic noises appear out of nowhere and go nowhere, creating a lukewarm — not in a good way — and boring track. The lyrics talk about the uniqueness of a woman, about her being unique among everyone, and this is due to the fact that she understands Bieber as nobody. Of course, the lyrics have clever passages and well-written verses — “Ooh, there’s so much chemistry / […] / In the center, no, we can’t deny the synergy” — but there are also several other moments when we have the opposite. It’s not Bieber’s best song, I don’t feel anything special about it — like the power to become a big hit — and besides having a weak lyric despite some isolated points.

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