Circa Waves – Happy


Circa Waves

2020 – Indie Rock


Happy does its best in what it can

Approximately a month before releasing their new album, Happy Sad, the band Circa Waves released a set of 7 tracks on a short LP called Happy. The Indie band formed in Liverpool in 2013, presented this project that is composed of tracks that are part of the first part of the album Happy Sad that will be released in March of this year. The album, although not so innovative, ends up being very interesting.

As already mentioned, the album isn’t innovative, in fact, is very generic. It does not escape the level of “classic indie pop style”. However, even so, it manages to do well in what it proposes. It’s an album straight to the point, nice to hear. The sound follows the expected pattern: electric guitars, guitars, drums and synthesizers. The lyrics, although they don’t seem like great poems or beautiful romantic stories full of painted scenes, end up doing well with early desires of young adults. Which in the end, is what happens with everything on the album: it ends up doing well, in what it proposes. And this is not necessarily bad.

In the first track, “Jacqueline”, the girl is idolized as a warrior: “So Jacqueline, you’re invincible”. The track is very calm and good vibes, with a touch of travel music to the beach. While the first track follows something light, “Be Your Drug” chooses the heavy beats of guitars darkened by synthesizers demonstrate their unconscious desire for each other: the desire is so strong that the lack of one is like a drug withdrawal. Moving on to “Move To San Francisco”, the chorus vibe that expresses the desire for a peaceful environment in the middle of a shitty world: “It seems the world is gone to shit again / So pack your bags, we’re leaving soon” … “I think that we should move to San Francisco / That’s where the happy people go”

“Wasted on You” reminded me a little of Coldplay (I really don’t know why). The track ends up looking like a commercial soundtrack. And although the sound seems like something used by a company that wants to demonstrate a beach with happy young people, the search for fame, lies and dishonesty are firm criticisms in the letter that the letter builds for his lover. “The Things We Knew Last Night”, despite the simple lyrics, ends up being pretty cute, with its acoustic fire-wheel vibe on the beach with a hint of breezy synthesizers. “Call Your Name” demonstrates how the couple is inseparable to the sound of a guitar that seems to have come from 2005. Sure, the one I liked least about the entire album.

The last track, “Love You More”, has a beautiful lyric, despite following “The Things We Knew Last Night” and not opting for something more poetic or complex. Despite the regrets, the track ends up being very cute, with a very detailed acoustic instrument in the layers. “Darling I love you / More than you could ever love me / And darling I need you / More than you could ever need me” finish the album.

In the end, the album is very nice to hear, of course, as I said it is not something revolutionary or something that totally escapes the generic, but it does its best. The lyrics, although they sometimes sound simple, have their charm, the instruments, as well as the lyrics, have their climax and bright points in the middle of the generic sounds (which is not necessarily a bad thing either). The vocal performance ends up being good too, the vocalist – Kieran Shudall – has a very characteristic voice and even manages to have a good performance. In the end, the album has more positive points, even though these are few, than negative ones.

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