Demi Lovato: “Anyone”


Demi Lovato

Pop / 2020 / Sony

Approximately 18 months ago, Demi Lovato released her song “Sober”, a beautiful song that was, in fact, a confession and an apology for Lovato having given in to his addictions. The music was sad, personal and beautiful. Last Sunday (26/01), Lovato broke the 18-month retreat from the music world and released his new song “Anyone” at the Grammy Awards ceremony.

Owning, probably, the best performance of the night, and wearing a big white dress, right in front of a black piano piano, Lovato presented his new song to the world: a ballad that is simply beautiful. The lyrics that were written before Demi suffered from a fall in her addictions, tells how the singer feels alone in the world — “Lord, is there anyone?”—, with no hope for tomorrow — totally lost: “Why the fuck am I praying anyway?”. The despair of the lyrics is passed with incredible fidelity by the voice of Demi who manages to achieve an incredible and rare performance in the world of music. The track that is built in front of a grand piano, which sounds simple, but at the same time complex, makes our heads pay attention mainly to the lyrics.

– “Anyone” is a beautiful, fantastic and emotional song.

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