Mac Miller – “Good News”

Good News

Mac Miller

Rap / 2020 / Warner

Released on January 17, 2020, Mac Miller’s new album, Circles, promises to be much more than an album like any other postural album. The first single, “Good News”, released a week before the release of the new album by the American singer, is a masterpiece in the form of a letter. The track, which was reportedly recorded before Miller’s accidental death, is a deep, emotional and beautiful track. Inspired by his old albums, the track features an acoustic beat composed of timid synthesizers and soft strings. The sound of the track that ends up being something that hardly gets seasick, takes us to a sunset where Miller can sing a lo-fi song with friends.

Although the sound is soft, cool, beautiful, the lyrics are the best. “Good News” is an open letter from Mac Miller, a letter to his closest friends, full of verses that show hope, as shown in: “Well it ain’t that bad / It could always be worse” and “That there’s a whole lot more for me waiting “; dissatisfaction with the world, as “Well, so tired of being so tired” shows us; and even excerpts that might have predicted the path: “But maybe I’ll lay down for a little, yeah”. In the end, “Good News” is a letter from a boy full of hope, passion, kindness and innocence (in a good way).

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