Poppy – I Disagree

I Disagree


2020 – Alternative Metal 


I Disagree had many ambitions, but forgot to control itself while polishing not so deep letters

Since the beginning, Moriah Pereira, a.k.a. Poppy, has proven to be a characteristic person. Soon after moving to Los Angeles, Poppy started uploading strange videos to her mysterious YouTube channel: in some, Moriah appeared eating a cotton candy, in another, she presented herself tirelessly for almost 7 minutes with a “I am Poppy”. But in all the old videos on his channel, Poppy appeared in a monochrome background, speaking her dubious and mysterious monologues, acting as if she were not a human, but a robot. Of course, Poppy’s style has always left people wondering who that mysterious girl from illogical videos would be.

Although not very well known, Poppy is an actress, singer, model and dancer. Even with many talents, Poppy decided to devote his life to the world of music. Having her first album, 3:36 (Music To Sleep To), released in 2016, Poppy would become a singer with a unique vision for the music industry. In her first album to reach a higher audience level, Poppy.Computer, Poppy played in the midst of futuristic pop and brilliant compiler sounds. In her 2018 album, Am I A Girl?, Moriah began to weigh her sound to a dark side, which to tell the truth we always knew was there. Now, with I Disagree, Poppy has killed the bright and hopeful sound of her old albums with a stab at a new, experimental sound that unfortunately suffered from saturation.

I Disagree is a short album with 10 tracks that lasts less than 3 minutes, which turns out to be a downside as it makes it hard for Poppy to make the most of each track and demonstrates something better. However, the good thing about this fact is that the album doesn’t get tiring or rolling, to be honest, it ends up being straight to the point of what it’s intended. Another extremely remarkable thing about this album is how Poppy increases the divergence between their faces: now the sweet, sweet-looking girl contradicts the loud voices and loud instruments of the sound.

The album itself has influences from old Metal albums, and with that, has a very well done and tuned production. But that doesn’t hide the worst of the album, the saturated and repetitive sounds. On almost every track we have the sound of a distorted electric guitar that sounds weird. The worst, in fact, is not the distortion electric guitar, as it shows a certain ambition of Poppy, but when using it on almost every track, it shows that Poppy still plays the role of a person who uses something at the max until another thing come to replace it.

Another striking thing about this album is how Poppy mixes several opposing elements. On the first track, “Concrete”, Poppy put together an aggressive Metal guitar with a K-Pop sample and an atmosphere that seems to have come straight from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack. Of course none of these parts are played simultaneously, but the lyrics that turn out to be very poor highlight the transition between the facets, and also the crowd shouting “Poppy”, which in my opinion is pretty tacky. “I Disagree” sounds well done, manages to stay focused and stable all the time while debating the fact that Poppy is a robot, but the vocal performance of this and “BLOODMONEY” sounds exactly the same. At least in “BLOOD MONEY” we have some iconic moments like cute laughs in tune with out of tuned electric guitars.

“Anything Like Me” is also one of the album’s biggest things, although it mixes (again) acoustic guitar moments with a superb electric guitar. The next track, “Fill the Crown” is a very illogical track, not only for mixing futuristic pop with 80’s metal, but also for having a meaningless lyric that speaks and speaks nothing at the same time. “Sit / Stay” also joins the group and is somewhat uninteresting, despite the important thematic portraying the struggle of artists in the music industry. Still in “Bite Your Teeth,” Moriah uses a quote from Alan Watts to talk about defining herself. The track features the same elements as other tracks and ends up not getting greater prominence.

Although “Nothing I Need” has a very simple lyric, it is a very beautiful, succinct and smooth acoustic song about an internal conflict over your wants and needs. Poppy told the Alternative Press: “Happiness is more important than material objects.”. The last two tracks turn out to be the most different: “Sick of the Sun” chronicles Poppy’s moments of depression, where the singer embodies a robot who has a bright and metallic voice as he plunges, sometimes into atmospheric sound, sometimes into guitar solo; “Don’t Go Outside” mentions the bible to talk about the chaos of the world, as well as the track that most about mixing the differences of a guitar acoustic and the frenetic electric guitar solo.

Of course, I Disagree from Poppy is interesting. But the singer still has a lot to learn about manipulating her sound in her favor, knowing when and how much to use certain elements. Despite having tracks that are unnecessary as “Fill the Crown”, the album has great songs like “Sick of the Sun” and make it worth investigating.

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