Justin Bieber – Yummy


Justin Bieber

Pop / 2020 / Universal

Since the begging of Bieber’s career, Justin faced a range of issues, from insulting analyzes to his attitudes, which turned out to be fair in the end, to issues involving his sexuality. However, in 2015, with Purpose, Justin sealed a personality responded to most previous criticisms, and showed a certain maturity. Even though Justin’s songs were astronomically successful such as “Baby” and “Sorry,” the tracks featured generous sounds from each era as well as lyrics that weren’t as innovative and striking, but with “Yummy” Justin was totally lost.

By far, “Yummy” is Bieber’s weakest lead single. Composed by really boring trap, pop and rap beats, the song demonstrates Bieber’s laziness to innovate, featuring nothing much different from his latest album. The beats sound like a sound database donation, are generic, basic and not relevant. As much as this kind of sound works on some songs, in “Yummy”, the boring beat must be made with the Bieber’s voice that sometimes sounds lost, forced, uninvolved and unsurprising.

The most embarrassing thing is the lyric that seems to be a junction of random words. A despicable bridge, verses that make no sense beyond demonstrating love in the most futile and cheap way possible. The clueless phrases make analogies that not even Bieber knows and others seem to have been taken from the songs of Jake and Logan Paul. The chorus can be even worse: it’s nauseating, poor and totally poorly written. The excessive repetition is terribly bad. I think, somewhere in Bieber’s head, the toxic repetition of the word “Yummy” would conquer youth as “Sorry” conquered years ago, but it won’t.

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