Liam Payne – LP1


Liam Payne

2019 – Pop / R&B


LP1 is a teen movie in which Liam follows a fanciful dream

The power that One Direction band had at the beginning and a half of this decade is undeniable. The British Band, which was created in the program The X Factor, created a legion of fans over time, making it probably one of the biggest boy band in history. Over time, the early decision to form a band began to bother members who wanted to fly away. The first to spread his wings was Zayn. After Zayn’s controversial departure, the band continued together, but after a while, everyone embraced Zayn’s ideas and decided to go into hiatus. After Harry and Zayn have released their debut, now it’s the time for Liam Payne.

Of course, my expectations for this project were really low. The track which starts the album, “Stack It Up”, besides using a sample of Camila Cabello’s Havana, shows the essence of the album: creative poverty. The 17 songs project by Payne is full of meaningless songs. In LP1, Liam acted as a teenage star in a Netflix summer teen movie. Like in Icarus Falls by Zayn, all the songs follow a magic formula of hit music on Spotify where the artist just needs to change the words. Ironically, there were times where the song would start and another would start, but I didn’t know if it was a song or a Spotify ad.

The lyrics in this project follow the personality that Liam adopted. In addition to being poor, the verses of the songs describe how a 13-years-old boy deal with an end of a relationship and how this boy sees the world. Not only have poor lyrics, but some pass the limit of common sense. Tracks like “Hips Don’t Lie”, where Liam talks about the woman having to get enough for him, and “Both Ways”, which Payne fetishizes bisexuality and homosexuality as if these “were made” for his pleasure.

The songs as a whole are not surprising, short and unremarkable. Beside the generic beats, clapping, finger snapping and “bro” voices are also elements. Although we have good songs, or at least that can be enjoyed. “Remember” have a not too bad lyric. “Live Forever” is something I would hear without problems if I played my playlist. “Strip That Down (feat. Quavo) plays the role of album gum. “For You (Fifty Shades Freed)”is probably the one of the best on this LP. The collaboration between Rita Ora e Payne worked pretty well. To finish, “All I Want (For Christmas) is the climax of the album where Liam abandoned the generic sound, focused on showing his vocal talent to the sound of a piano.

LP1, at the end, work more as a playlist of a compilation of hit songs than an album. With sure, you will find songs on this album that will please your party, but nothing more.

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