Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 2)

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 2)


2019 – Rock

Warner UK

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 2) is a spiritual journey through immortality

In less than a years, the British rock band formed in 2005, Foals, released two albums: “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 1)” and “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 2)”. Both, are part of bigger project, which the mortality and the immortality is the mainly thematic. The second one, with a picture of a cemetery as the album cover, explores since the Greek myths and beliefs, up to the violence of egoism in this LP that are divided in two parts, separated by an epic interlude.

 The first half starts with “Red Desert”, where we are introduced to this The Phantom of the Opera’s organ that are terribly scary and inviting, and then, eventually, this horror movie’s sound break in this spinning feeling that creates a suspense that are, suddenly, interrupted to the second song where the strong and violent electric guitar mix with the voice’s game – one hour is calm, another screaming. “The Runner” sounds like a general ordering calm, confidence and self-esteem to face the worst obstacles and never be shaken followed by frantic plates. While the general is being rude in the second one, in the third, “Wash Off”, we meet a coach that instructs us to slow down and rest. This lyrical purpose can be felt in the drum’s plate that get stronger and braver in each verse, but in the chorus, are controlled by a big force, while the shy strings are playing in the back.

“Black Bull”, the most aggressive and violent track of the album, shows up with this mind-blowing aesthetic the dances inside your head, referring to the old-school rock n’ roll in which screaming is the apex. The violence can be felt in the lyrics that describes that dark side of the humanity and in instruments that are growing with fury, but, is interrupted by the vocal’s “uhh”. With the same energy, “Like Lightning”, describe with egoism a story about the rise after the fall that starts with distorted guitar that along the track, mix with harmonica. “Dreaming Of”, that starts with pop style that mix the angel’s vocals and stars sounds, and then became some stranger rock track, build a poetic scenario where the reality can’t be accepted, and the dreams in the focus. 

After this, fear is no longer real, and they stop being fearless because “Ikaria”, with different pianos that sometimes sounds out of tune, lands to announce the end of dreams. Ikaria is an island, where, according to Greek belief, Icarus died in the Myth of Icarus. This piano solo track, followed by “10,000 feet” come together and tell the story of Icarus and how his head was so high in the clouds, like the band in the first half of the LP, and then, suddenly, fall to his death. “10,000 Feet”, with this darker instrumental, and “Ikaria” symbolized the pass between the life and death. Even the eighth track is a little bit generic with elements that sometimes sounds like a sample that are used by other bands as well, still a great track because the stranger composition of heart beating, windshield wipers and disturbed guitars is groundbreaking.

After all the anger, violence and fury, the band put the sadness at the first spot. The acceptation of the sadness while the band is dealing with the mourning in a track where the sonority gives more space to the vocal execution and some occasional notes creates a transcendental sound. To finish the album, the divine effect and echo in the voice and the instruments that shows insecurity and variation like the story of the lyrics, “Neptune” is a great ending. The death is something that is worked with difficulty of acceptance, and in this track, this feeling is cubed. The 10 minutes-long track is epic independent movie that shows the fight against the death: the singer is fighting the most to don’t let death overpower him, even go to Neptune to stay alive is an option. The guitars sound stronger than drums that almost always play softly in the background while the synthesizers take over acting like DJs and being the main actors in the end with a hardening performance.

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 2) is a great album. The vocal delivery is spiritual, the instruments seems to have a life of their own and know when to really act and the lyrics that tells beautiful and poetical stories full of metaphor, myths, beliefs and ambiance. Even the lowest moments of the album are something that worth.

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