Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Billie Eilish

2019 – Pop / Indie

Darkroom, Interscope

Billie, in an unusual and unexpectedly fast way, reach the top of the world, conquered a legion of admirers as a Pop Queen but sounding like an Alternative Hard Singer.

If you ask any teenager who Billie Eilish is, with sure, they will know who she is. Billie, in an unusual and unexpectedly fast way, reach the top of the world, conquered a legion of admirers as a Pop Queen but sounding like an Alternative Hard Singer. Born 2001 in Los Angeles, Billie was raised in the middle of the arts. Your family is formed by singer and actors that always influenced Billie to put arts in the first spot. The young singer was educated at home, and when was 8, joined the Los Angeles Children’s to improve her vocal skills. In 2015, she and her brother, Finneas, that are also her producer, posted on SoundCloud two songs. Later, in 2016, Billie recorded “Ocean Eyes” and posted also in SoundCloud. To Billie’s surprises, Ocean Eyes made more success than she was expecting. In the same year, Billie also released “Six Feet Under”, and then, in 2017, release her first Ep: Don’t Smile at Me.

With the time, Billie was getting bigger and bigger, and it wasn’t just pleasing the Tumblr’s Critics or the SoundCloud alternative listeners, but also, the whole world. With songs in “13 Reasons Why”, Billie announced her first LP to 2019. In 2018, You Should See Me in a Crown was released as the first single of WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

In a casual way, “!!!!!!!”, the first track of the album, shows a casual conversation of Finneas and Billie, what looks more like an ASMR podcast, however, this unusual casual talk about Billie took off her Invisalign, turns to laughs that put all the listeners that don’t appreciate this weird moments away. In fact, over the album we have a lot of these weird moments of laugh, demonic voices and disturbed instruments. “Bad Guy”, the second tracks, the Billie’s most successful song, starts with Eilish’s weary voice defying her lover. From the “dãn”, that create this connection with the adolescence, in the chorus up to the demonic electronic voice, Billie created a worldwide hit.

 While “XANNY” feed the hunger of controversy subjects like the wrong use of recreational remedies while a beat made by synthesizers and restaurant sound that created the environment described in the lyrics dances the contrast of the soft voice of the verses lost in the mad voices; “you should see me in a crown”, with knife sharpening sound in the begging shows the power of Billie’s as a queen that she talks in the lyrics while the chorus have the complex production, like Billie’s voice that starts sensible and then turns in something powerful accompanied of scare beats.

Of course, that the Satan’s influences would get stronger. “all the good girls go to hell”, the contrast of church bells mixes with Peter’s irresponsibility collaborated to talks about the world’s climate problems. On opposite side, “wish you were gay”, Billie sings to Sitcom’s audience that overreact to everything. The difficulty of accepting her non platonic love make she thinks that is better If her lover doesn’t care about her because he is gay than because he just doesn’t care.

“8” breaks the softness of “when the party is over”, that is basically composed by synthesizers, vocals and piano, with this nightmare fighter. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Have a lot of moments that the worst nightmares of the singers show up, and “8” is a soft lullaby with Hawaii vibe with humming. The drunk my stranger addiction mix The Office voice notes with Billie’s addicted voice that seems to be delirious because she had a lot of her crush.

“Billie / Come here” shows up the monster’s perspective from under the bed in “bury a friend”. The monster gets more alive with psychotic tone in Billie’s voice and creepy lyrics. The innovation of this track was lost in “ilomilo” that have this really dated beat in the back.

The early parting that “listen before I go” is, it seems more like a suicide letter. The hard beats on the deeper parts and the police in the sound at the end that made seems that Billie killed herself, make the track the most emotional in the album. “I love you”, it’s a beautiful song played by a guitar, sighs and voices that seem to hold back the crying. The two penultimate songs show the beauty of Billie’s voice, that even isn’t the most powerful voice of nowadays, but it’s really soft and serene. In the end, “goodbye” it’s a supercut of everything from the album.

It’s undeniable that Billie’s, while the album goes on, leave the badass persona to incarnate a romantic’s songs sad singer. This album, of course, it’s good, even the tracks not following the same way, the strangeness of each one collaborates to the album as a whole. However, Billie still far away from the perfection because everything in this album, even the strange parts, it’s something that is expected. Also, Eilish is in the right way building her own sound, atmosphere and aesthetic.

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