Zayn – Icarus Falls

Icarus Falls


2018 – Pop


Icarus Falls is a exaggerated project that Zayn did not took advantage

In 2015, the American singer Zayn leaves the music group One Direction to follow a solo career. The repercussion reached different levels of reaction, since the one that don’t even know who Zayn was, to the fans that were mutilating themselves because of the exit. Even with the bad side of the story, Zayn’s lead single “Pillowtalk” reach the #1 at Billboard’s Hot 100, and “Mind of Mine”, his debut album reaches the first place of Billboard 200.

In 2019, Zayn released his new second studio album, called “Icarus Falls”. To the ones that don’t know, Icarus Falls is a reference to the mythological tale in which Daedalus and his son, Icarus, are arrested. To scape, Daedalus developed a pair of wings, and when he gives Icarus’s pair, he told to the boy to be careful, to not fly closer to the sea or the sun, to always fly in a median altitude.  However, Icarus lost his sense and flew to close to the sun, and then, ended up dead. With this tale, Zayn seems guess the way that his career and life would take. “Icarus Falls” reached only #61 in Billboard 200, and Let Me, the second’s album single that went better, only got the #73 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

With no doubt, Zayn’s lost his way with this album. It’s looks like he figures out a magical way to make song and follow this default pattern on every single song on the record. After “Let Me”, that is actually a good song, but since the second track, “Natural”, to the twelfth, “I Don’t Mind”, all the have is a generical love song that follow a basic and default model with a verse, chorus and bridge. In these first eleven songs, we haven’t listened to anything that is exciting, different or even relevant. All these songs sound the same, with a thinner and higher vocal in the chorus and a basic instrumental that mix strings with electronic beats. Even when he tried to make something different, it’s sound weird and with no harmony with the others songs. Before the interlude in this album, the only two songs that I think that deserves a repeat is “Let Me” and “There You Are.

In fact, I don’t know with we can call “Icarus Interlude” an interlude. This thirteenth track is just another love song that are repetitive that Zayn didn’t take advantage of the concept.

In the second half of the record we listen to a little bit different sound with more cool songs, but you have to got to the fourteenth track to enjoy the album, and just forget that still are more 13 songs left to you reach the end of the album. It’s hard already to listen to a project with 27 songs (thinking that you have 27 songs to listen) and when the first doesn’t show that you have great and exciting stuffs waiting for you, it’s becomes harded. Now, talking about the collaborations on this work that just took to long to came. The two feats that we have here is concentrates in the end of the album, that is, you have to listen to 24 songs to then listen something different from the Zayn’s voice and this mixed string-electronic instruments.

In the end, Icarus Falls is an album that doesn’t deserves attention. You can listen to separated songs like “Let Me”, “Good Years”, “Good Guy” and “All That”, cause even they sound the same, you can at least have some fun.

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