Clairo – Immunity



2019 – Indie Pop


Listening to the message that Clairo sent right from her bedroom to the world.

After release two EPs and her video to her first single “Pretty Girl”, Clairo release her first album. “Immunity”, her first album, shows the growth of a teenager up to a young woman and all the adventures of the ripening. I’ve been captivated since Immunity’s first song. From the arrangements and harmonies to Clairo’s voice and lyrics, they sound extremely unique and cohesive.

 The album remains soft all the time while Clairo innovates in his writing mode breaking the standard barriers by almost not putting chorus or bridge into his songs. While Clairo rebuild all the structure of lyrics until she finds the one that works better to her, she talks about a journey of a young teenager that are getting old. She asks to herself what is the purpose of the life while she sings about depression, suicide, friendship and confidence.

Along the tracks, Clairo builds herself since the first songs, when she was scared, disappointed and stuck in the past; to the last ones, where she seems more confidence, fearless and brave. Clearly, she is finding herself.

While she’s singing about how rough the life is, it mixes the lo-fi pop that she imagined in her bedroom with hard beats and robotic voices that brings all the charm to the tracks. Although that have sometimes where the mixed voices don’t sound nice, is almost like she can’t rhyme and she putted this effect to her voice just to try to make it fit in.  

The only downside is that in the midst of these great songs, I don’t see one stand out more than the others. I just can’t find one that will hit or make any success more than the others. Another factor is that sometimes, the album gets a little bit boring, but it doesn’t mean that the songs are bad, actually, all the songs are great, but, sometimes, boring.

I also liked how she use some elements to create an atmosphere. In the middle of the homemade beat, we can feel a little bit of 80’s video game sound in the background. Also, a bunch of kids that, in the last track, made an incredible choral, and in others, made a child and adolescent environment, that at a charm to the tracks too.

At the end, “Immunity” is a great album, with a create a smart production and lyrics, but sometimes, a little bit boring.

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