Melanie Martinez – Cry Baby

Cry Baby

Melanie Martinez

2015 – Indie / Art Pop


With “Cry Baby”, Melanie Martinez easily could have launched an aesthetic to the world, but she would continue be the best on it.

In 2014, Melanie Martinez release her first EP, “Dollhouse”, that has “Carousel”, the theme song from the 4th season of American Horror Story. After that, the American young singer was earning more and more space in the teen music. After a year after her first EP, Melanie drops her full album, “Cry Baby”. With your first LP, she created a full work that swirled around of Cry Baby, and with it, a new atmosphere, sonority and aesthetic that would will all the hearts from the teenagers. The most remarkable characteristic of Melanie is her style that mix childish elements with adult lyrics and a bit of horror and creepy.

Melanie uses the lyrics to unburden and criticizes the actual society. She talks since about how the people how have feelings and show them to the toxic family structure of now days. She exposed her frustrations about the things that she saw and witnessed in her childhood and adolescence with lyrics that sounds innocent at the first listening (taking out the bad words, of course) with all the reference and analogies to toys, fairy tales, amusement parks and magical world. But, in fact, Melanie’s songs are deeper than a lullaby song, since “Cry Baby”, the first track of this album, to “Mad Hatter”, the last track of the standard version, Melanie becomes a poet and recites about bullying, suicide, how the people deal with death, female rivalry and chauvinism. Even in worst time, Melanie sounds a little bit positive, even If is a psycho positive (in good way).

With her political lyrics, Melanie mix analogical instruments, electronic elements, kid’s voices and sounds of toys of her childhood. That combination results with an aesthetic that follow the visual of Melanie, the little kid that are more than a kid that just don’t know nothing about the world. In fact, it’s the opposite, she shows that she is much than everybody thinks, and it also reflects in her voice control and variety. Melanie know the time when she needs to have a calm voice, like a lullaby song; when she needs to scream, like a scream from a terror movie; and even when she needs to add cry in the background of the sound. 

In “Cry Baby”, Melanie Martinez created a new universe in the music industry. Her work is great, different of everything that was on the top in 2015. 

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