Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A.

Born in the U.S.A.

Bruce Springsteen

1984 – Rock


Down the road with the seventh studio album by Bruce Springsteen, Born in the U.S.A., released in 1984, witnessing the glory and worst days of the country rock singer.

Before falling headfirst into the album, we have to make somethings clear. As many thinks, Born in the U.S.A. isn’t a patriot album, actually, it’s the opposite, this album makes some very criticism about the United States of XX century. Topics like Vietnam War, poor and injustice are constantly cited. After the six records previously release by Bruce, the American singer got in a journey of personal maturation that influenced not only his lyrics, but also in his voice, how he sings and his instrumental.

In his 46 minutes long project, Bruce tells us how is to be a guy in the mid XX century, when you are growing up, falling in love, being wronged and got you heartbroken; when you are safe and sound, and suddenly everything turns to the wrong direction and you got disappointed and discredited about your life. But, after all, you sit in your suburb house and think, with longing, about your glory days. But, in fact, the lyrics aren’t just about that, are deeper than that. In the middle of many songs, Springsteen put his opinion and vision of the American society and how this affect the life of the poor ones and how the govern fuck the Americans citizens

Every lyric is a masterpiece, starting with Bruce showing that he’s a fearless and young ex new yorker searching for an easy and calm life in interior, and how life looks easy at the beginning, but after some days, you realize that It’s got really hard to deal with. With the passing of the songs, you saw him falling in love, got wild, happy and sad. Still talking about the lyrics, so far, all the lyrics have a great construction and structure, is different for almost everything that I already listened to. It’s incredible how the lyrics don’t have a chorus but still get stuck in our heads. Also, Springsteen paint a picture of everything that is happening throughout the song, so far, he is the one of the best song writers that I’ve seen.

Almost a week after hearing the album, I don’t understand how Springsteen made me feel things that I felt. The best example for that is in “My Hometown”, where Bruce sings about who his hometown “degraded” over time. Even without leaving my hometown (actually, I still in my hometown) I literally felt a deep nostalgic and sadness about this. After finish this song, I was like “oh god, I miss my hometown, I am so sad that I have to leave.” Springsteen, how you did that?

“Last night me and Kate we laid in bed talking about getting out

Packing up our bags and maybe heading south

I’m 35, we got a boy of our own now

Last night I sat him up, behind the wheel

And said son take a good look around,

This is your hometown”

The instrumental is phenomenal, every single analogical instrument was perfect thought. The mix of guitar and drums with saxophone and trumpet, besides bringing a unique charm for the music, made each one a classic reference for the contemporaries musicians. You can feel the sadness, happiness, the angry and the love with the instrumentals that dance with his voice. I got very surprised with the instrumental of this album because the 1984’s instrumental looks so contemporary and sounds better than some sounds that we have in 2010’s. The fingerings in the guitars, the strong beats on the drums and the puffs of indignation constitute the background of the Bruce’s voice and, at the right time, receive a solo space just for them.

Now, I have to take some time to talk ’bout Bruce’s voice. His voice is the one of strongest voice I’ve heard. The way he works his voice is so different and excellent. Easily he can turn from a hoarse voice to an angry one, and then to a calm one. It’s so great, cause like the instrumentals, this characteristic is so timeless and unique, and even today, I never heard someone do that like Bruce did.

In Short, Born in The U.S.A. is the one of the best of all time. Literally everything in this album excellent: lyrics, instrumental, voice, story and message pass by Bruce. Even not being a fan of Country Rock, all the songs catch me, and If you looking for something to listen, Born in the U.S.A. is a great option.

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