Madonna – Madame X

Madame X


2019 – Pop / R&B


At the beginning of her career, Madonna performed such great songs as “Like a Prayer” and “Express Yourself” and it is clear from this album that the singer has lost her way over the years.

Madonna obviously revolutionized 1980s pop and influenced a number of other contemporary artists, and of course with that, I expected something good from the singer (a human mistake), but when I heard Madam X I wondered “what happened to Madonna?”

First I would like to talk about the mixing of languages, which in reality is not a bad thing, however, does not mean that it works in all cases, especially when we mix a language from one country with a stereotyped instrumental of another culture. In her attempt to reach a larger audience, Madonna used the Portuguese language to her advantage, which worked on some tracks, but when there is a mixture of a language of a place, with the intrumental of a place totally divergent from that language, we have something really weird, meaningless and strange.

We should highlight the fact that several tracks are there just because, for me, some tracks have no purpose other than stuffing sausage, such as “Future (feat. Quavo)”. It seems to me that the collaboration was the wish of both singers, but they didn’t add anything to the album, and the song itself seems to go nowhere. It seems to be just that.

Another fact is that Madonna tries to innovate again by trying to mix different instruments into one song. Tracks like “Dark Ballet” turn out to be a total sonic mess, seeming to sound like three tracks in one. But in trying to repeat that promise in “God Control,” Madonna results in something much better, leaving the doubt as to whether it was fortunate that one worked out or if the other was just terribly done.

Clearly there are good tracks, like “Batuka”, “I Don’t Search I Find” and even “MeddellĂ­n” (it’s even bearable). However, they can not overcome all the negative points that the album has, in fact, the songs are not great, only better than the rest of the album.

In short, the album was pretty good, extremely disappointing, especially after seeing all the hype put on it. I recommend listening to spend your time listening to another Madonna album like Rebel Heart, which despite not revolutionizing as “Like a Prayer”, managed to do better than Madame X

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