Lorde – Melodrama



2017 – Pop / R&B

Republic / Lava

Lorde’s Melodrama splits first on my list of my favorite albums of all time. Lorde’s second grand album shows something never seen before.

The album is unbelievably great, indescribable what you will feel with this album. The chronology followed by each track along with the huge production with excellent and deep lyrics leads to a grand immersion for 45 minutes. Impossible to find any defects in this album, all songs are creative and extremely touching.

While in Pure Heroine, Lorde recounted all the frustrations of a teenager not so convenient in an unusual way but somehow portraying everyone’s daily life.

In this album, Lorde risks being an intense poet, telling how painful it was to go through her last breakup. The lyrics, or rather poetry, are a true account of someone who can feel all the sadness and anger, and how things seem to be exaggerated when you are alone.

The instrumental that mixes Pop with Indie shows the pain of the instruments, which at the same time seem calm, seem to be screaming for help, while the singer mumbles her cries followed by back vocals that help create a whole sad atmosphere on the album.

Unlike other albums, Melodrama, despite its sad atmosphere, is an album we can dance to. You will easily find yourself alone in the room dancing wildly while listening to the Lorde’s reports.

While “Green Light” introduces us to the theme, already sounding like the album will be, in “Perfect Places” Lorde is relieved and grateful to have had the strength to go through what was actually not easy. And in the end, “What the fuck are perfect places anyway?”

Surely this is one of the best albums ever made in the history of music, and surely, Lorde will always have a place in my heart with this excellent album. I find it hard for you to find anything else to spend 45 minutes of your life other than listening to melodrama

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