Britney Spears – Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

Britney Spears

2011 – Pop / Dance Pop


I have to say that at the first time that I listened to this album, I got very disappointed, but, after 3 more listings, I really liked this.

Although at the first time that I listened I thought this album sounded like really exaggerated and a complete mess, I get used to the beat and electronic vibe. I still don’t enjoying too much this kind of sound, but, Britney sounds a little bit better than others in this category. 

I would like to put “Till The World Ends”, “I Wanna Go” and “Hold It Against Me” in a spotlight. Britney did a great work at this songs. They sound cohesive and harmonic with Britney’s voice, that look a little bit of robotic, but this is not necessarily bad, actually, works well with everything else. 

I love “Criminal” since my early days at 2011, I love this song, for me, is the best of the álbum. While, “How I Roll” is the worst, cause, even with more listening to it, I still think that this song look a mess of a bunch of electronic sounds.

After all, the album is not that bad, I don’t think that I will listen to all again, maybe a few more players to some songs specific, but not to the all album. In the middle of some savorless songs, there is some others that worth a shot

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